Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sharing worksheets

Discovered Box quite serendipitously a few weeks ago, while figuring out something for my Midsession class - and this solved part of that problem of having multiple versions of worksheets on multiple computers, only some of which are connected to a printer. It turns out it can also solve the problem of sharing materials. My goal is still to contribute to I Love Math, but my materials are mostly written for the first time this year, and I'm constantly fixing typos, and constantly updating files once they're posted to I Love Math is just not going to happen this year. Meanwhile, the worksheet versions I'm using, warts and all, can be made available to anyone by a simple click if I store them at Box, as I had started doing anyway. Here are two assignments for my Algebra classes for this week - and when I get time to tidy up my files a little and tag them somehow, I'll put more materials in the public folder. It won't happen this week - there's an ed class deadline looming now - but hopefully sooner rather than later. Constructive criticism will be welcome.

Update (August 2): Moved everything except tests over to a public Box at after some cleanup this week. Not that rummaging around in other people's files is generally very edifying, but making decisions worksheet by worksheet about whether to share it or not has ended up meaning that it just hasn't gotten done, and besides the very idea that my files are public just might make me keep them a little more organized. Maybe. Without guarantees (of anything), though, they're at


Ben Chun said...

Oh, I do love Gill Sans -- your dragon worksheet is quite nice. Thank you for sharing!

H. said...

Thanks! For many student groups it would be far too wordy, but for this particular one I think it will be okay - this year I have students who read for pleasure!